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Designed by world’s leading cancer Doctors and backed by Y Combinator!

How does Ankr work?

Ankr automated symptom support - how it works
No more paper binders
Prepare well
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Ankr app has latest educational content
Learning center

Education is key to success when it comes to fighting cancer. Ankr has a powerful learning center that helps you get trusted information anytime, anywhere.

Ankr app helps track your treatments
Best treatment for YOU

Ankr’s revolutionary artificial-intelligence algorithm cuts the clutter and gives you the options relevant for you. Just put your cancer type and stage to get started!

Ankr has reliable and latest information
All the latest treatments

Our library has over 500 treatments, all written by scientific experts in an easy to understand way. Whether you want to read about the latest and greatest, or the old and trustworthy, we got ’em all!

Ankr puts your safety first- loud and clear!
Your information is safe

Ankr uses industry’s highest-level security infrastructure. We use bank-like encryption and industry-leading security practices to protect your information.

Create secure user profile to keep all your cancer-related data in one place
Friends and family sharing

Use Ankr app to make audio recordings of your Doctor’s office visits and share it seamlessly with friends and family, anytime, anywhere.

Your doctor may already be using Ankr platform. Ask them!
Customized to you and your Doctor

Ankr works with many health systems around the country to give you customized content, timely updates on clinic changes. Ask your doctor if they are on Ankr platform!

Powered by decades of scientific research

In our national survey, only 4 out of 10 cancer patients and caregivers reported receiving “Appropriate and Adequate” information. What if we told you that decades of research shows that giving patients good quality knowledge at the right time can:

  • prevent treatment complications
  • decrease need for ER visits and hospital admissions
  • improve quality-of-life
  • decrease financial toxicity for patients and their health systems

Ankr was created by an internationally-renowned, award-winning team of Doctors, nurses and patients who firmly believe that knowledge is power. Don’t just take our word for it – read this CancerCare report from a survey of over 3000 patients like you that came to the exact same conclusion.

If your clinic gave you a thick paper binder with important information in your first visit as a cancer patient, that’s a red flag! Will you be able to read it in the middle of the night when you are about to throw up? Or find your Doctor’s number to call with questions?

This is 2021, and 88% of patients and caregivers like you expect that their cancer team to use digital tools in the cancer care. Only 34% are and we at Ankr are on the mission to change that.

Ankr is designed to work seamlessly with your cancer clinic – no matter how big or small – to make your convenience their priority. To help you in your journey and keep track of all the important information in the palms of your hands. Anytime. Anywhere!

Ask your Doctor if they are in the Ankr Care Network – if not, advocate for change by contacting us!

You don’t have to walk this road alone and your caregivers don’t have to get frustrated by lack of accurate and timely updates. Here are some of the features in the Ankr platform to support you:

  • record your entire clinic visit (in audio) and share with family anywhere in the world within seconds
  • create your personal cancer journal by taking written or audio notes
  • keep a list of all your medications, from any provider you see
  • learn about side effects and prevent complications
  • stay updated with your clinic – learn of schedule changes, patient seminars and more

Ankr is free and available to download now. What are you waiting for?

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  • Cancer Details Tracker
  • Treatment Navigator
  • Learning Center
  • Symptoms
  • Medication Tracker
  • Doctor’s Office Mode
  • 10 Audio Notes
  • Unlimited Text Notes
  • Standard Notifications
  • Standard Support


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  • Everything in Ankr Essentials PLUS
  • Unlimited Audio Notes
  • Unlimited Medication Photos
  • Download and Share Profile
  • Customized Notifications
  • Priority Support
  • VIP Features Pass
  • Discounted Access to Patient Summits

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  • Customized plans for Health Systems and Oncology Practices
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We believe that cancer education makes a huge difference. We want Ankr to be accessible and useful for everyone. So, you can use the basic version of Ankr for free, forever!

However, if you need even more features, try Ankr Pro.

We care deeply about data privacy. As a result, our entire platform uses highest security standards (similar to your bank) and is compliant with government-established security best practices.

For more info, please view our Privacy Policy.

We also do not (and will never) show advertisements. Ankr is supported by our wonderful community of patients through their Ankr Pro subscriptions.

Yes, your health team can view most of your information through our web portal. Click here to learn more.

However, please note that Ankr is not designed to be a real-time communication tool. This means that for any issues or problems, you should call your health team or 911.

Ankr only uses trusted, reliable and unbiased sources for all information that you see. These sources include National Cancer Institute, Medline Plus, and US FDA drug guides and many more.

Check out our detailed Frequently Asked Questions or just get in touch with us.

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