Frequently Asked Questions

If you believe you or the patient are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your Doctor, go to the nearest Emergency Room, or call 911. Ankr is NOT intended to be used for a health emergency.

Ankr can be downloaded through Apple Store directly. Please click here to be directed.

If you still need assistance, please use the contact form below or email us at [email protected].

We care deeply about data privacy. Our entire platform uses highest security standards (similar to your bank) and is compliant with government-established security best practices. For more info, please view our Privacy Policy.

Yes, your health team can view most of your information through our web portal. You will need to assign your health system to your profile first. This step protects your information from being disclosed without your consent.

To give your health team access, open the Ankr app, go to your profile and select the Health System. Once you save your selection, your health team will be able to see your data and send educational material and other content directly to your app. Pretty cool, huh?

Please remember that Ankr is not designed to be a real-time communication tool. This means that for any issues or problems, you should call your health team or 911.

Ankr only uses trustedreliable and unbiased sources for all information that you see. These sources include the National Cancer InstituteMedline Plus, and US FDA drug guides and many more. We continuously update the list of reliable sources and if you have a suggestion, please contact us here.

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