Ankr for your health system

Ankr was designed by a team of world-renowned oncologists & health administrators to solve problems that we all face in daily clinical practice:

  1. Operational inefficiencies due to excessive time spent in education & counseling
  2. Repeated follow-up messages and clinic calls because patient/family forgot the plan or have questions
  3. High rates of preventable safety events (chemo or surgery complications, missed appointments) due to lack of nurse navigators or automated patient reminders
  4. Long response-time for triage calls
  5. Excessive preventable ER visits
  6. Non-availability of data for value-based metrics to set goals and track progress

Ankr is solving all of these, out-of-the-box, right now!

  1. We have over 10,000 active users with over 200,000 pages of content served to patients each month all across USA.
  2. We are live in a 22-clinic health system in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and with over 300 additional Doctors at major large health systems in Texas, Florida, Arizona, California and Michigan.

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